Noa Deane

DOB - 02/08/1994

Born in Coolangatta, Queensland.

The son of Gold Coast legend Wayne Deane, Noa spent his youth learning to surf from his champion father before trying his hand on the WQS. For Noa however, free surfing was always his passion, and coming of age in a time of rapidly-advancing progressive surfing, Noa was prepared to push the limits.

Noa’s breakthrough performance in the film clip Radio Friendly boosted his international reputation, followed by a host of covers on magazines ranging from SURFER Magazine to the Surfer’s Journal, and starring roles in major productions including Cluster and Strange Rumblings in Shangri-La. In 2014, Noa was awarded the prestigious Andy Irons Breakthrough Performer award at Surfer Poll.

His seemingly go for broke, skate inspired approach to surfing and nearly unparalleled airs have earned Noa a place as one of surfing’s most cutting-edge athletes.

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