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Complete Cruiser Skateboards for Sale at Globe Brand AU

Quality. Innovation. Guaranteed.

Grow your quiver with a variety of skate and surf-inspired styles of cruiser skateboard. Our collection brings together a variety of non-traditional and modern shapes and mounts them on softer cruiser wheels – meaning less effort to cruise and a more comfortable ride.

Whether it's a run to the corner store or a cruise on the esplanade – choose a skateboard that best fits you. Each is mindfully created in our state-of-the-art facility, and fitted with precision ABEC-7 bearings, and a purpose-formulated wheel set from our collection of skateboard components.

Our cruiser skateboards are also where you’ll find our most complete range of skateboards crafted with alternative materials like sustainably harvested bamboo and up-cycled coconut husks.

Cruiser Skateboards in a Range of Sizes

Our cruiser skateboards also come in a large range of sizes to suit your riding style. Browse our popular 8 inch skateboards, 8.125 inch skateboards8.25 inch skateboards and 8.375 inch skateboards, 8.5 inch skateboards, 8.75 inch skateboards.

Shop for Globe Cruiser Skateboards Online – Buy Now, Pay Later with Afterpay

Our complete range of cruiser skateboards are available here online with FREE shipping on orders $20+.

Along with our collections of decks, longboardsstreet completes and youth completes discover our range of skateboard parts and components including bushings, grip tape, skate tools and more. You can also buy a Globe cruiser skateboard, skate clothing, and accessories now and pay later with Afterpay.

Cruiser Skateboard FAQ's

What are cruiser skateboards?

Cruiser skateboards are a type of skateboard that is typically shorter and wider than a traditional skateboard. They are designed for skateboarding around town and are often used for commuting. Cruiser skateboards usually have softer wheels, the nose and tail of the board are often slightly elevated, and the trucks are usually wider than those on a standard skateboard. This makes them ideal for cruising over rough surfaces and easier to ride for longer periods of time.

How do cruiser skateboards feel to ride?

Cruiser skateboards tend to be more stable and easier to control than other types of skateboards, making them ideal for beginners or anyone who wants a laid-back skating experience. Additionally, cruisers deck width is usually wider than other skateboards, giving you more room to stand and providing a more comfortable ride.

What are the dimensions of a cruiser skateboard?

A cruiser skateboard typically measures between 27 and 30 inches long and 7.5 to 8.5 inches wide. The deck is usually made of maple wood and is concave in shape to provide better grip and control while riding. The trucks are usually made of aluminum and are attached to the deck via four bolts. The wheels are typically between 54 and 59 mm in diameter and are made of polyurethane.